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Author & Life Coach

THELMA MARIANO is an author of women‘s contemporary fiction. She has published 40 short stories in magazines such as True Story and True Experience and is currently working on a full-length paranormal.

She has also been a popular feature writer whose articles have been praised for their originality, warmth and insight. One reader described her writing style as “a combination of ease and depth that is quite powerful.” See her article, Before They Go, published in Synchronicity Magazine (100,000 subscribers). Previously she sold to Real Woman Magazine and for 8 years was a regular feature writer for an astrology magazine, Midnight Horoscope.

On her website installments of her column, Take a Moment, as well as motivational articles attracted thousands of readers worldwide.

Much of this writing was also published on well-known women's e-zines and websites such as Friends Your Way Magazine (UK) and Your Life Magazine (USA) as well as on sites promoting personal development such as

Thelma‘s blog, Right Here, Right Now, is about finding the magic and meaning in everyday moments.

Her award-winning poetry appears in anthologies and literary journals worldwide. She has also sold verse to Hallmark Cards.

As a life coach she has worked effectively with many individuals and given motivational workshops on topics ranging from Find Your Mid-life Passion to Discover Your Life Purpose. She is a professional speaker trained through Toastmasters International. For publicity and interviews, see The Media Room.

From writing in the mass media to working with clients, Thelma enjoys using what she has learned to help others transform their lives.