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Are you LOST???

I know that I’ve been there - wondering which way to turn. It’s a tough place to be.

We feel we are in the FOREST, wandering in circles. There are many well-worn paths to follow and we take a few. These are the careers we “should” succeed in, the life we’re “supposed” to lead - except they haven’t brought fulfillment. Now we are back where we started from, still searching.

If this is where YOU are at the moment, don’t despair. Help is near!

I am glad to share the process that worked for ME and later many others. I also offer my guidance and support - to help you find your direction. This comes to you through:


Your Life Compass

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  1. what’s important to you
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Discover your overall Life Direction!

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So now you know where you’re heading - GREAT. You walk for a mile or two, a confident swing in your step. After awhile you notice the quietness; even the birds have stopped singing. Darkness is falling in the forest and you have trouble seeing your way.

Want some help?

Fortunately, by the light of the moon you find my Articles to Guide You.

• to deal with inner obstacles, go to Tools for Change

• to see the different paths before you, go to

Creating Multiple Income Streams
A New Spin on Retirement

Still on the trail, you may begin to stumble. Your whole body aches with fatigue and you wonder how you can go on. You rest awhile and regain your strength with Inspiring Quotes and Posters.

FINALLY you’re out of the forest. Now you have a clear understanding of who you are and what you want to do with your life. You are swept along by the fast pace of everyday life and your searching becomes a distant memory.

The problem is, in the constant rushing around there may be little time for you to think.

My column, Take a Moment, will encourage you to pause and reflect on life’s larger issues. I hope it brings some guidance and inspiration your way.

Thelma Mariano
Life Coach