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Your Life Compass

available through e-coaching

In a 3-in-1 package deal, find out:

  1. what’s important to you
  2. what you have to offer
  3. what you would really love to do
Discover your overall Life Direction!

8-week Coaching Program

with Thelma Mariano

Find Out

  1. What are your Life Values and how do you know you are achieving them?
  2. What’s unique about you - what are your special gifts? attributes? talents and skills?
  3. What truly makes you come alive? What will bring you the greatest joy?

Discover your overall Life Direction! Which way you should be heading to feel the most fulfilled.

How This Works
I send you a series of exercises by e-mail, along with explanations. You send the completed exercises back to me. At the end, I help you analyze the results to find your “common threads.” Where your life values, skills/attributes and interests LINK UP is the key to your overall Life Direction!

What You Get
Apart from the thought-provoking exercises that will come to you by e-mail, you will have my services as a personal Life Coach for 8 weeks. You send me your questions and comments and receive insightful answers by e-mail.

Benefit from the PROVEN SUCCESS of a process that has now been tested through my workshops and personal Life Coaching. Isn’t it time to find the clarity you have been longing for?

Praise for the Program

“By 'forcing' me to think deeply and concentrate on what was really important to me, the exercises showed me that the answers really did lie within. This was a very empowering experience. The program changed the way I looked at my life. I became incredibly focused – instead of wavering and wondering what I should be doing. I now know what my priorities are and what really matters to me!”
Brigitte L., Winnipeg

“Everything is clearer now, seems less complicated. I feel lighter and more powerful because I know who I am and what I want.”
Stephanie V., Montreal

Available only by on-line coaching (coaching by e-mail)

Your Life Compass, a 3-in-1 package deal
8-week Program
Special Introductory Offer - US $249

This offer won’t last long, so take advantage of it NOW!

Your satisfaction is important. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Note: Participants of   Discover Your Life Values— Coaching Program can register for Your Life Compass at the reduced rate of US $189.

FREE Trial Offer - Take the Introduction and Session 1 of this program for FREE. There is no obligation to continue. Your full payment will be required only with Session 2.

TO REGISTER or find out more, e-mail Thelma.

Please note: Your server, especially if you use company e-mail, may filter out incoming messages from unknown sources. In this case, please provide an alternative e-mail address (e.g. hotmail or yahoo) where I can reach you.

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“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Herman Cain