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What is a Life Coach?
As a personal Life Coach, I can give you guidance, support and encouragement on your way to achieving your dreams. I believe that the best coaches inspire by example — those who have worked on their own self-development and have initiated change in their lives.


I transitioned out of the corporate workplace to pursue my writing and Life Coaching. Fifteen years of personal development work, combined with my business experience and passion for helping others, prepared me for this type of coaching. I draw on a wealth of tools and exercises that have worked for me and now work for my clients.

I provide an overall framework for my clients to follow as well as step-by-step guidance.

For my Qualifications as a Life Coach, click here.

Coaching for Baby Boomers (in-person coaching for Montreal)

Being financially prepared for retirement is only part of the equation. What will you do with your time? More importantly, how can you design a new life that will both inspire and fulfil you? Finally, you can pursue your dreams... but after so many years focused on other priorities, you may not even know what they are.

Or you may know what you’d like to do but don’t know where to start. There can be a lot of fear when we try something new, especially if it’s something we have always wanted to do.

I offer personal coaching for baby boomers. Please click here for more details.

For clients outside the Montreal area, I offer customized coaching as well as :

ON-LINE LIFE COACHING PACKAGES— Each of these has been successfully tested through my Dream Achievers Program and through individual coaching.

Click on the individual offerings below
for more details, including cost:

  1. Your Life Compass
    A 3-in-1 package to determine what’s important to you, what you have to offer and what you would really love to do. In other words, get a clear Life Direction.

  2. Discover Your Life Values
    Find clarity in your life by deciding what's important to you and defining what that means in concrete terms. People who know their values and live them achieve inner strength and a feeling of deep satisfaction.

  3. Kick-start Your Dreams
    Know what you’d love to do but STILL AREN’T DOING IT? Don’t be one of those people who “die with the music still in them.” Get help to break through your resistance and fear. Find the support you need through Life Coaching and get going on your dreams.

  4. Create Your Own Income Streams
    Feeling trapped by your job? Want to start one or more sidelines? Use your skills, expertise and interests to build multiple income streams. I will help you brainstorm different possibilities. I will also encourage you to set goals and take your first steps.

  5. Tune into Your Intuition
    Want to connect with your inner guidance? Learn about tools you can use in your everyday life such as journaling, body intelligence, visualization, mind mapping and specific techniques to find the answers you seek.

Note: You will need Microsoft Word to access the documents that will be sent to you for these programs.

TO REGISTER or find out more, e-mail Thelma.

Please note: Your server, especially if you use company e-mail, may filter out incoming messages from unknown sources. In this case, please provide an alternative e-mail address (e.g. hotmail or yahoo) where I can reach you.

For Prices and Payment Options for on-line coaching packages (e-coaching), click here.

CUSTOMIZED COACHING (by email or in person, Montreal) - may include:
  • Discover your life values
  • Recognize your gifts and attributes
  • Find your passion
  • Explore new directions
  • Clarify your goals
  • Overcome resistance and fear
  • Create multiple income streams
  • Learn tools such as journaling, mind mapping and visualization

Please call or e-mail Thelma for more information.

Regular Coaching Rates — Cdn $50/hour ( US $45/hour)