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Welcome to my website—
Your Gateway to a More Fulfilling Life!

Author & Life Coach

Coaching for Baby Boomers

Feature Writing on Demand

Fresh, Compelling Articles
on Personal Growth or Emotional Issues
for print magazines

I love to inspire and motivate others through my writing. Drawing on my background as a life coach, I create popular feature articles that provide :

  • Insight into issues that impact our lives
  • Candid sharing of my own experience
  • Key points to help readers
  • Uplifting content

My writing has been published in large circulation print magazines as well as in e-zines. Read my feature article, Before They Go, published in Synchronicity Magazine. For more information, please see my profile.

Magazine publishers and editors are invited to contact me directly with their requests.


Discover your overall Life Direction - Recognize Your Unique Gifts
Overcome Resistance and Fear - Do What You Love
Create Your Own Multiple Income Streams

Why does happiness elude so many of us? We get caught up in the challenges of day-to-day life and forget what is special about us and what makes us truly come alive.

We’re all a lot more capable than we realize, but we lose our direction. There comes a time when we need to tune out the world and listen to our hearts.

I offer Life CoachingYour Life Compass , Motivational Workshops and a free Life Satisfaction Quiz to help you find your way to the life of your dreams.

My blog, Right Here, Right Now, is about discovering the meaning in everyday moments.

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